We all need a helping hand time to time but there’s no one size fits all.

I’ll always do my best to support you and if what you need is outside my wheelhouse I will point you in the right direction.

New Student Course Support

While I’m a one-person outfit, I try to provide answers within 48 hours. So if you’re experiencing issues accessing this course, please email me with a detailed explanation of the problem you’re encountering.


If you’re looking for one-on-one consultations, I, unfortunately, do not have the time to handle these. So instead, I encourage you to search for solutions through our YouTube content and other trusted creators. If you’ve performed your due diligence and haven’t found a solution to your problem, I may be able to answer your questions about basic site problems.


I cannot provide support for anything you’ve done to your site outside the scope of what is covered in this course.

Website Design

First, your site doesn’t have to be dynamic and complex to generate job-replacing income. If you would like to customize your homepage and some other pages beyond what is taught in the courses, we recommend joining the Facebook communities created by the tools we use.


Facebook Group


Facebook Group


Facebook Group

You should be able to get most of your website design questions answered through these tools’ Facebook groups. Unfortunately, I can’t offer one-on-one design consultations because of the complexity of each unique site and the differences in vision site owners have.

Website design can be time-consuming and isn’t a leading contributor to revenue. However, it becomes more important when you reach a stage where you’re ready to sell your products or are scaling link-building.

If your problem pertains to a course lesson, please re-watch some of the material and play around with your design options to see if you can achieve what you’re looking for. Getting your hands dirty is the best way to learn site design.

Website Tech Issues

If you’re following our courses, then you’re signed up with WPX Hosting. WPX has world-class support that can fix almost any issues you encounter, and they’re lightning-fast to respond to your questions.

However, if you’re having trouble with a plugin or tool provided by another company, always reach out to the provider of the tool you’re using first.

If your website is down and you’re experiencing an outage, always go directly to your host.